Thursday, January 02, 2014

Review: Body Shop, Himalaya, Marcelle & Lush

Hello all! I decided to do a beauty review on certain products that I have been using often as my skin recently started breaking out last month.
I've been using 100% pure tea tree oil as a toner (diluted with water) and as spot treatment. It's a natural effective pimple-fighter, though the smell can be quite strong and unpleasant (although some people may enjoy the scent).

Let the good times roll is a gentle cleanser and part of the Christmas 2013 products from Lush Cosmetics. I haven't been using it a lot lately (though I will once my other products are finished). It smells like caramel corn and is very sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet which I'm glad of. It's not harsh but still feels like a great exfoliant to use. This is more recommended for all skin-types as opposed to acne-prone specific skin but I find it hasn't broken me out whatsoever and I like how nice it smells. I may do a entire video on all my Lush products one day (one day..)
You only need a dime-sized amount and mix it with water to form a paste-like texture to apply all over the face.

I received these Marcelle products as gifts from a family-friend (and for that I give them a big thanks!) Marcelle products are known to be hypoallergenic and perfume-free for all those who have extremely sensitive skin or have allergies to certain cosmetic products. I can only honestly review the cleansing milk. I presumed it to have the texture of water and would therefore require a cotton pad or facial tissue but as a nice surprise, it is a little more viscous than I expected so it I could apply the product directly on my face. The product felt cooling and soothing and I would use it in the morning as a cleanser. The cleanser has witch hazel in it and is specifically designed for oily/acne-prone skin as well.
The Himalaya Neem Face Pack for Pimple-Prone skin was gifted to me years ago and to this day still works wonders! The smell isn't my favourite (it's has a strong turmeric scent) but nonetheless still effective. It's a mask where at first when squeezed-out, the water from the product tries to separate from the rest of the product but with only a small amount, it spreads all over and dries completely in 15 minutes when you need to wash it off. I use this overnight sometimes though the disadvantage to that is that is sometimes gets  irritating/itchy after some time.

 The product I've used most by far is Body Shop's Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash. Again, a not-so-pleasant smelling cleanser but less intense than the Neem Face Wash and is an exfoliant which I personally like in a cleanser so I feel I'm scraping off the dead skin cells. It's relatively effective and I feel refreshed after using this cleanser.

Well that's about all! I could review more products but decided to stick on ones I've been using frequently recently. Also took up knitting again as (A) it's a nice pastime and (B) apparently burns more calories than sex! How crazy is that?!? (I really do enjoy knitting though don't get me wrong)


  1. You are one smart cookies for using tea tree oil. :D

    I switched up my skin regimen to contain only all-natural products and haven't looked back since. I'm so jealous that you were able to get a hold of some lush products -- there are no stores near me that sell it. They are supposed to be amazing for you and completely vegan! Such awesome.

    Knitting burns more calories than sex? That's terribly accurate. Whenever I knit my hands cramp up something fierce and I can feel it all the way up my arms. Or maybe I just knit really intensely. XD

    by the way, thanks for the comment on my blog!


    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment! :)
      I remember the first person to advise me to use tea tree oil was my hairdresser. I find that despite its harsh scent it's very natural, effective and cheap!
      Lush can be hard to come by! I am lucky enough to study in a city where there are two lush locations relatively close-by and one in my hometown. Otherwise, it can be a crazy drive (but well worth the trip especially during their boxing week sale!)
      The majority of their products are not only vegan, but everything is fair trade! That company is amazing for their policies and beliefs.
      Aha one aggressive knitter eh? I have to retrieve that link once again but if you knit for a certain amount of time it sure does burn those calories! I have put my knitting in hiatus unfortunately :( I should just lug it around as much as possible while I commute.