Wednesday, January 01, 2014

yet another year rolls on by.

It's 2014! Or as I'd call this year, the year I may survive two whole decades (and the apocalypse).

Amidst myself cuddled up in my Pepto Bismol Snuggie, and starting the new year with sickness (more specifically the night/early hours of festivity and health brought the sickness..besides my parentals), and watching the new season of Sherlock to call it a night, I decided to jot down the insanity that is my yearly goals.

In reality it is best to have short-term, medium and long-term goals. I merely write whatever I want to achieve as a mental (and I guess not physical) checklist.

I decided to treat myself to an HD digital camcorder (that also takes photo) to take better photos of myself in outfits.

Sure looked a lot different when I initially took the photo.. Sweater/Jumper from Topshop/Hudson's Bay

Some photos I tested out. Stabilization is finnicky but the fact that is shoots in 1080 p and only costed 45 dollars is a steal for me.

||GOALS OF 2014||

  2. Drink 1 8 oz glass every hour (start my day with a glass of water + lemon if around)
  3. Exercise more! (run, train, or Blogilates workouts)
  4. Time manage. Use an agenda. Always follow a daily to-do list to get shit done. Prioritize! 
  5. Learn the following skill-sets: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python, Blender, Premier/After Effects, Unity (more of it), Maya (much more of it), Drawing skills, etc.
  6. Knit more things
  7. Read more books/novels/textbooks especially before going to bed
  8. Start a YouTube channel and post on YouTube and Blogger consistently
    1. With camera, post more photos!!!!!!!! (maybe invest in tripod and SD card)
  9. Lose 10-20 pounds (ideally 15 as a middle range is good too)
  10. Score/achieve high in all my courses next semester (80%! or at least as best as I possibly can)
  11. Forgive myself of everything that's happened that burdens me. Know that nothing can bring me down and to focus and always look forward instead of dwelling in the past and over-thinking things and jumping to conclusions

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