Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm Evolving! And Yes, A Room Tour.

So whoever may happen to visit this blog, or has been one of my few followers/commentators, may expect more posts fashion-related {or pop culture related depending on my mood}, but shit just got real {for a semester anyway..but this is most likely a long-term thing} and I'm making my blog into an assignment dropbox!
SO....for a final former blog-familiar post: here is my room!!

I wish my past self told my future self: NEVER glue shit to walls. After 8 years..that shit won't come off.

Now I must evolve my more fashion/quirky/awkward rant/popculture posts (for some time anyway)
Isabel Marant, Back to school outfits...are now replaced with school assignments/portfolio work.
What? Assignments? Qué?
WELL..Let me briefly explain...
For the following course I am currently taking at my university, I require to use a blog and Twitter to post following sections of my assignments. With my blog in particular, I must post all my documentation and final pizzazz to get a beautiful unicoin.
Yeah. You heard right. A mother fucking unicoin.
My course, no my Atelier, is actually a game of sorts: you either win or you die.

Yes I see an equivalence between death and failure. I'm one of those.
If you do win/score high, you receive a unicoin, a form of currency. The higher your score in an assignment, the more unicoins you get in value.
You can save these until the end until you cash it in (for what I have no idea but if it's actual money well halle-fucking-lujah!). Sounds like my 5th grade French class where you saved until whoever got the most monopoly money for speaking french got a prize.
HOWEVER...yes however, apparently they want some sort of economy of sorts to form out of these coins. My reaction:
Actually, this is my reaction in class everyday. 3 early morning classes have some side effects..
I mean, yeah I'm interested! but a whole trading thing to increase/decrease coins (the loss of coins makes sense...from not following your assignment/handing things late, etc) but starting a bank, making stamps...what!? I guess this tests my balance with time and subjects...wait..what computational history?
I actually have a few unicoins now (basically the equivalent to the amount I received from the tooth fairy!)
I am very determined to raise that value. Whether I will trade/become an investment banker or just drive around and throw all my unicoins at people's front yards, I will save that for later.
Right, now it's all about my cards.
And that shall be my next post.

For now, if you have gotten this far, I will only assume you're in my program (why hello thar) and if you are not...Hi (Adam/Simone/Jeff) If those are not your names, Congrats on making it this far/being understanding(?)! Here is a cookie:
This cookie will eat your happiness.
The question now is...why tamper with this blog?
I've decided that I want to change this because it follows my original reason of starting it: to put it out there and get people to recognize a sort of talent/achievement of sorts. It's too far to think of aiming for something like Tavi Gevinson (Hell, 19 is considered too old to be a fashion blogger these's more like retirement from the blogging world).
I always wanted to transform this into a future portfolio blog but nothing really occurred...mainly because I think my work's not that great (at the time I was aiming for fashion illustration especially)
Now what sort of work will I put in? Right now, expect documentation for a game. In fact, it will be many games. It will be insane. It will (hopefully) be awesome.
I hope for you Others out there that you may follow this or at least see the end result. I would love to hear your opinions of my progress and the finale. Hell, I may need your participation someday!
I don't really know how to end this, but I hope I don't go bald by the end of this semester. I already shed like a fucking dog.

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