Friday, June 21, 2013

Major Hiatus (apologies) and spring cleaning

So it's finally (officially) the first day of summer despite the fact it's felt like summer since May.
So technically yesterday was still spring and that's when I decided to overhaul my room and spruce things up a bit (still [sort of] continuing today but mostly minor details).
I was inspired when perusing what felt like every single Teen Vogue room tour, from some that are quirky and whimsical to others that had thousands to spend and are obviously the 1%, gave me ideas on how to design my room. However, my room is like a living breathing organism where since 2006, it's been transforming before everyone's eyes through beds, desks, and pain colour (/it's only been two colours..)
 Since my hiatus, many things have happened like Lanvin's flats collection presented through ballet, Isabel Marant collaborating with H&M, finally installing Instagram (and now there's video?! Poor Vine..). Well, loads have happened and since then, I've just been marathoning Arrested Development, That's 70s Show and feeling empty inside now that Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Hannibal are done/pretty much done however True Blood has started I watch way too many shows {/no shame}
Besides my TV addiction, I snagged a summer job (success!) It's just part time at a famous clothing/accessories store that preteens thrive on {hint hint it's Canadian} located at a ratchet Outlet Mall. Coworkers and nice and chill. The place can be chaotic but snagging flats, bikinis and thousands of other items for less than 13 bucks is pretty amazing.
UGH graininess. The Cat I DIYed with acrylic paint. Waterproof as well considering I was wearing these when caught in a thunderstorm. 

I did some shopping since at H&M, Urban Behaviour etc. I should do haul videos/take photos. I'll definitely make more of an attempt of taking work outfits as it's the only time I'm not in trackies/shorts and a baggy T-Shirt (PS I've been trying to work out and eat healthy) As for Haul vids..I used to do them/review vids but I always look like a mess and never do myself up for a video (/laziness).

As a final note, I found this a while back and fell in love.


  1. Love your little 'cat' shoes, they're so cute! xx Maylis

  2. Lovely cat shoes! ♥
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  3. I love your style! :)

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  4. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

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