Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dolly Bow Bow Review

When I was just about to give up on this blog that I've had for years, I decided to keep blogging as much as I can, realizing how after all this time, from the time I discovered fashion, Vogue, Teen Vogue, numerous other fashion magazines and later on numerous other fashion blogs, I still love fashion and style and would love to work at a fashion zine...or at least intern for one as my medium-term goal.
Anywho, enough about that and on to my review on Dolly Bow Bow!
How I discovered Kate's website was by discovering Kate herself on YouTube . This was way-back when I had money to purchase Lush products and was addicted to watching Lush hauls/collections. Upon discovering her Lush haul video {which just so happened to her her first video!} I later on loved her style, and her other haul videos  {making me even more jealous about not having a Primark in Canada..}.
She is indeed très girly, vintage{y}, and a bit kitschy as well. She originally designed jewelry and dolly bows {aka those flexible bendy know those ones form American Apparel!} Hers are less pricey {I think...considering it's pounds I always get a bit confused to be honest..} as well as she has more patterns available with cute girly names for all her items.
When I purchased my products on her site {via PayPal}, as I noted before, she only had jewelry and dolly bows at the time. Kate has since expanded to clothing {dresses, pants, shorts, shirts} and floral crowns and even more jewelry! Her popularity on YouTube has increased immensely {no surprise there!} especially her old room tour {another thing I'm addicted to; that and closet tours}.
Anywho, I purchased {around a year ago} two necklaces and a Dolly Bow. the dolly bow is not available anymore {or out of stock...?} but the necklaces are still in stock!

Screenshots of the necklaces I purchased. Prices haven't changed since I did purchase them. Note the lavender rose on the Ballerina Girl necklace.

I chose the shortest chain length for both of the necklaces. You can customize the chain length by choosing a larger length but it'll cost you a pound more.

The products were mailed to be in a larger envelope with this packaging. I found it absolutely adorable and have still kept the packaging.

Each necklace was from two bags. For that reason, it was because my dolly bow had taken a longer time to arrive and I ordered the anchor necklace in that meantime {the ballerina girl necklace came first}. One baggie had a gold stars {Quelle adorable much?} but the other didn't...? Not that it matters..but nonetheless noticeable {Also, I was aware of the stars as I watched Dolly Bow Bow hauls prior to ordering the items}.

I asolutely loved this necklace {the rose definitely adds a nice touch}. As it is very beautiful here are my cons:
un. the gold enamel or whatever it is {?} wears off after a while. Then again, it's not the real McCoy, but I still like it.
deux. I've seen this pendant around many stores before. Most of them are silver so be aware it's not entirely unique. I'm not saying don't shop there as some of the stuff there is very nice and worth buying, but some things you see there you can find at kitschy or cheap vintage stores around your neighborhood {a good example of this would be the scrabble rings}.
Going back to the rose, I loved the material it is made out of as well as it won't damage too easily, the reason I express is is because of the second necklace:
The rose!! It fell off! And for good reason, it was made out of paper!!!!
I was initially upset about that. I expected better quality, as the lavender flower added a certain substance to the flower. After realizing that, I never wore the necklace as much as I would have wanted to, as I wanted to reduce the wear the tear. Eventually, within a year's time, the flower wilted and broke apart.
One would say, "But you could have returned/exchanged the item." True, but that would have costed, and it already costed like 2-4 pounds for shipping from what I recall, plus the currency exchange makes UK pricing pricier than CAN and US dollar.
And finally! the Dolly Bow!

I think this was called Daisy from what I recall, but I loved the material and this is very sturdy and durable and verrh pretty! The only con would be the headache I get after a while.
There are many DIYs for this product, which is why I got this patterned one :D. Also, it's very unique and adds something to any plain outfit.

Overall, I am pleased with the products I purchased. I am unsure about purchasing again only because of online shipping/handling and currency exchanges but that goes for online shopping in general. Another thing would {king of} not having a live preview of the product {like the ballerina girl necklace}, but that goes for online shopping in general encore.
I guess my suggestion would be for like ModCloth as an example, to list the materials the jewelry is made up of.

Definitely check out her shop here and her blog here.{Come to think of it...why is it a Canada domain, aren't you English love?}


  1. How long did it take to get your Dolly Bow in the mail?

    1. Hi! Terribly sorry for the late reply. There was some shipping issues for DollyBowBow at the it took almost a month to arrive in mail! The ballerina girl necklace arrived first even though I ordered that one after the first two :/. Ah well, nowadays it should just take 1-2 weeks maybe sooner (She's based in the UK whereas I live in Canada..if you live in the UK then it will be 3-5 days for it to arrive to you by mail)

    2. Hi, just adding input. I live in Florida, and I ordered my dollybow 18 days ago, and still havent gotten it. Needless to say, I don't think I like online shopping anymore...

    3. Last time there was a problem with shipping but that's ridiculous nonetheless! Maybe because her business is smaller..but still no excuse in my opinion!
      Places like ModCloth are more reliable and other larger clothing cooperations. Still, I love her collection :)

  2. ballerine necklace is so cute <3