Monday, February 06, 2012

Artsy Fartsy: Episode One

Here's some works I've done. Mainly Sketches that I completed last year and [somewhat] this year. 
It's funny, because ever since I was six years old, I had always wanted to be an artist. That idea was shot down a bajillion times of course, especially since I'm "brown". 
Funny enough, after many explorations of possible things to study and pursue as a career, I come back to art. Of course, this art is in the form of graphic design/advertising/technology/innovation etc. Thus, I have desperately trying to finish my portfolio for two art schools that I'm trying out for. I hope and pray to God I make it to at least one of them, especially OCAD U.
Wish me luck in my endeavors tout le monde!

xo marishka

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