Sunday, February 05, 2012

A New Dawn. A New Day. A New Life.


Whilst all my homework/assignment nonsense that I dost hath complete within an allotted time {as well as clean my bedroom...deuce} I am going to update my blog in the best way possible.

Some things of "concern"

--> It's been a while. I have changed since I've started this blog. I have neglected it, which I regret deeply as I loved blogging and following blogs. With tumblr, I hope Blogger itself hasn't faded. I'll cross my fingers on that one x)

--> My wardrobe has been {semi} updated. I'll post some outfits now {yippee?} And {maybe} get a lookbook? that one may wait BUT I'll deffs get a polyvore account finalement!

--> I wear makeup now. Heh x)

--> Still love chocolate fashion, art, etc. In FACT, I'll be posting some artworks now. Lemme know what you think ;P

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