Sunday, April 18, 2010


Wow, it's been over a month since I last posted... >.>
Nothing interrestin's occured. Besides browsing through vimeo, blogs, and Macbeth...sigh.
I'll post more verrr soon. Promise.

As for the vid, it's kinda old, but from all the nonsense I've heard from "Editors vs. Bloggers" this seems to make the most sense.


  1. yeah i don't really get the whole bloggers vs editor, i think they both have influences but different people are always going to prefer different things. so neither really is a threat more than the other.

  2. i love macbeth. as nerdy as it sounds, i think shakespeare is wonderful. but heck, what do i know, my last blogpost was about grammer LOL. (YES GRAMMAR FTW).

    we watched this macbeth movie in class where the witches were naked. but it was SOOO unappealing cos they were grannies and their boobs were SAGGY. LOOOL.


  3. interesting video, i think bloggers and editors are so different though.

    xx lue