Sunday, March 07, 2010

I went with my friend to see Alice in Wonderland the day it came out. I was taken aback and a bit wary of the movie during the
beginning but as it progressed I became completely engrossed by it. I loved Alice and her wardrobe changes due to her fluctuation
of her size throughout the film.
Seen Avatar? Don't compare its visuals to the film. Not that it's impossible to compare, though I think that this new Alice in Wonderland
is for some reason like a cross between the 1951 movie and Huxley's Brave New World. A "Post-War World" really.
Which also leads to this, don't compare it to the book or the animated Disney version. My friend kept doing that a lot :P. I also did that
a bit in the beginning but started enjoying it when I saw [heard?] the references from the old versions of the '51 movie so it was fine.
I was also shocked by how fast the movie seemed to me. It did not feel like two hours and some whatsoever!
In terms of acting, Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp were amazing. {no surprise} I loved Depp's "break-in-down" dance victory...thing
near the end of the movie. ;P

As for yesterday, my it was a day filled with pandemonium since I woke up.
The highlight of that day was shopping with my sister and mumzeh. Particularly at this store called Dynamite. My mom and I were at
the checkoot counter and I decided to my SPC card [Canuck term -> A card you purchase for $8.50 to earn discounts for numerous
stores. Acronym for "Student Price Card"] Recently, the company forced some rules when they discovered that parentals were using
their son/daughters SPC cards and rather not ask for their Health Card of some form of ID to prove their age, they ask cashiers to
get students to show their Student School IDs.
Personally, I find this ridiculous. I would never carry around my Student ID card because of it is attached to a thick black chain
ANYwho, so the cashier gal inquired for my Student ID and just like the last store we visited, my mumzeh just decided to give
my health card and they were nice [and logical enough] to give me their discount.
Though in Dynamite, they were super anal [ugh] zombie tards who wouldn't let this go. My mumzeh got upset with this nonsensical
issue and called for the manager. The manager came [mind you, she's preggers] And then the manager and my mumzeh started
to argue.
{Where was my sister in all of this? She ran to the car..}
So on and on this argument went until this:
Manager: DO. YOU. KNOW. WHAT. S. P. C. MEANS? [talks like she's talking to an immigrant/child/old person. I.NEED.A.STUDENT.
[Mind you mother said that me being 15, it's obvious that I'm in highschool and that all I would really need to do it show some
thing that would say "This is me. This is my age. The info corresponds with the card. The school that I go to doesn't really matter. Also,
{and I agree with my mumzeh on this} They most likely started this because most students do not know this rule and the customer could
not use the discount (cheap-o stores.)]
Mumzeh: [reaaaallly pissed now] ARE YOUR HORMONES RAGING OR SOMETHING?
Manager: THAT'S IT. GET OUT.
{Argument soars skyward.}

The Cashier [being smarter than her manager] broke the argument and guided the manager away...somewhere? We paid for out stuff
but came out of there knowing that we will never to there again.
My mumzeh afterwards [in the car] became furious with my sister for not supporting her there since my mumzeh was buying clothes
for us [and one top for her je pense..].

Looking back on that episode, I think my mumzeh and that stupid-ass manager both acted wrongly towards each other. Sucks
for the manager though, since my mom can easily explain this to the corporates of that company.
PHEW. What a tale. I have math tutoring to go to, and Oscars to watch @ 8:00 PM. Avatar...well I hope it doesn't win best
Picture but I really hope the Precious star gets the award for Best Actress [since I know Mo'nique with definitely get it for Best
Supporting Actress :D]. Good luck to all at the Oscars!


  1. REALLY ? you had THAT kind of a problem with people over the SPC? they dont really care when i show them my spc... like they donta sk for id ands tuff...



  2. what a hassle ! i havent used spc in years but now i dont even want to use it, ha. i still have yet to see the movie. was it any good?

    xx lue

  3. i think i will leave the bag as it is !

    thanks for the advice :)

  4. Oh, I want to watch AIW so bad! Helene Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp <3

  5. I WISH I LIVED IN IKEA DUDE, its my favourite place to be. and their hot dogs/ ice creams are cheap and delicious.

    i've never watched that show, i think i'll go youtube it (if its on?)