Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I Haven't posted in a while.
But, i heff an excuse.

In fact, I have 2.

1. Exams. Duh.
2. French exchange. duh.

Numero duo was six weeks, thus, no time to blog. Just enough time to skype, facebook and hotmail.
And might I say how amazing and awesome and verrh interesting it was! Six weeks was long but at the same time flew by pretty quickly. Like school. ;P
My exchange program worked in a way where I exchanged with this girl who lived in Qu├ębec. So, so six weeks I lived with her family and she lived with mine.
I worked at a daycare. ZOmG. And could only speak french. O_o. But it was amazing. I forgot how kids acted. {answer is same as usual >_>}
I'll POST PICS. Of what I got. And Saw.
That includes a couple of outdoor (et gratuit) fashion spectacles ;)
That day, wonderful me forgot the camera, so I'll just show some friends my friend Megh took that day.
Have the good summer to all!
And to the rest of world..have a good season? :)

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