Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zut. Alors,

Aritzia Spring '10 Collection.

Different brands. Mainly Wilfred and Talula.
Reminds me of why I loathed the store....near my place anywho. But even the Toronto one shows 2349234230492
TNA stuff so you immediately see their outfits first.
In fact, I never even realized they had other brands until a few years back...
So far, I love Wilfred and Acne. TNA. Meh. Sometimes, I think it's a waste of money. Though Wilfred and Acne and
7 for All Mankind have much better outfits.


  1. cool blog ! nice post, will you comment on mine ?

    THANKS !



  2. aww you hate aritzia? i absolutely love it :) they have great sizes esp since im so petite so its hard to find clothes that actually fit right. other than that, i agree it can be pricey but sometimes u find great things !

    xx lue

  3. heh, I think experiencing thousands of TNA bags slamming into my face gave me bad thoughts on it ;P. Though you're right. It's great sizes-wise. I manage to find something my size there when I go there [unless there's a humungo line-up >.>]

    By the way, nice Aldo shoes. Sadly, my sister works there and I still haven't gotten anything from there. Yet.