Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Your Face.

It's everywhere.
It's horrible.
In numerous ways.
And by not even saying the word, I think everyone knows what I'm talking about.
It's confusing and tragic and strange all at the same time.
Hanging out. Lounging about like monkeys. Friends. And I.
In -10 degree weather.
In the epitome of suburbia.
Standing there. Not even walking about.
Bloody hell.
After what seems to be hours at end, we decided to walk back to one of the buildings [my school has two buildings where I constantly have to walk to and fro to my classes. Out 'n' in].
Somehow, I seem to forget, surprisingly, but Haiti is brought up.

Haiti. Haiti. Haiti.

A tragedy.
Yet, what about other countries suffering?
Are we so blinded?
Are we so ignorant?
Is ignorance bliss??
Why happened to Hurricane Katrina? Once the media goes, does it really mean it's resolved? Course not. Deep down we know.

But I guess the main question is.
Should ignorance be bliss?
Or should we just accept that it's there and we take it to consideration and realize as an individual, it's impossible to contribute to the solution?


  1. haiti haiti..

    can't stop thinking about it.


    dont ever give up. i actually believe if we all contributed at least five dollars, we could save thousands of lives.


  3. every effort we make can definitely help. we cant give up :)

    xx lue

  4. we can always be more helpfull, never it's in off... haiti and thousand of disasterds happen so often. this world is absolutely unfair.