Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wool-Spun String

I love wool scarves. Especially this one I received from a special friend of mine. 100 % lamb's wool and made in Scotland.
Surprisingly, not that itchy...until I realize the marks on my neck from wearing it 24/7 since December.
Not much to say. Hopefully tomorrow. I think Physics takes up too much brain power. Unfortunately.
And for once, I'm starting to watch How I Met Your Mother from season one! Five seasons. Phew! From the looks of season one, it's as if they didn't plan on five seasons. :P


  1. thanks for your comment, so nice!
    I´m such a drawing fool :)


  2. haha such a technicolored scarf! hate those scarves that make marks, i really need one that wraps around like a 1000 times. New York City and Massachusetts winters are unbearable.