Friday, March 06, 2009

Your Jeans Were Once So Clean

Epic FAIL in math >____>.
Parentals are quite the bugger...but understanding...considering it's just math.
And I'm not the only failure in my class.
There's 10 in total. Out of 30. 
From what I get in math..that's 1/3 of the class. 
I kept wondering if it's the teacher..but my parentals forced me to get help from her..since if I ask my ├╝ber-math friends..I get kinda distracted.

My mumzeh found my inbox open. Sometimes..I don't like the hotmail layout now. Now that people like my mom can easily view my messages.
Stupid. Now she never trusts me.
Meh: Hey, can I go to the library? I need to finish something for history
Mom: What? Alone? Why is your boyfriend there?

Erm...what? I like this guy...and he likes meh :) but he's too good a guy to even do that :S
Peace. And Love. To All.

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