Saturday, February 28, 2009

Game of Patience.

History. So many dates. So many places battles deaths disasters first times last times short time long runs and A Treaty of Versailles to conclude it all.
Canadian history..boring...well it's alright. Some things are unbelievable though. Like during the wars (I & II) they sent enemy aliens to internment camps >__> Labour camps. People suffered for no reason. Many died there. It's sad. 
Also, when they were freed, none of them got their belongings back.
I was shocked that Canadians did such things.
Ugh...but that's not even the main focus of my studying. I know maybe(?) 45-50% of the stuff.
Then there's geography...then math.
Then there's sickness. Plaguing us all. Seasonal nonsense. Started at the throat. Then fever. Then coughing. More coughing. Ginger & Honey.
Love. Stupid. Requires patience. Even when you're in love with someone..and that person's in love with you.
Reply C. 
Harr. He found out about my marks in math.
C: Marishka. You need more help than I thought.
I felt so ashamed. I shouldn't though. He says I shouldn't. He says I have other amazing talents, but math is my weakness.


  1. lol no way! i know heaps of hot indian guys!

    i have this friend and i thought he was south american, i seriously thought he was sooo good looking, turns out he is indian. LOL.

    the younger generation is much better, they can dress well and not smell... you know.

    BUT YES. Other than him they're are others too. Dev in Slumdog isn't amazing but he is cute, and you love his personality for it haha. (and i think indian kids are just absolutely gorgeous. they're eyes lashes go on for miles...)

  2. :P Haha Indians and South Americans (Hispanic?) are verrh similar! I don't blame you for mistaking him as South American XD

    Wow I really need to see the film >.< Is it already out on DVD? I heard many people watch it @ home already...unless it's bootleg >_> :P