Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TrackBacks of C-Day

Alright. I missed out on a lot of posts til C-Day...XP
It was small. We only had one old relative over. It was nice, cozy, amusing. Well, the only amusing part was watching
Pineapple Express with my sister.
Harr harr. That was one my favourite parts. Jeez, to think that guy from Pineapple Express was Harry in spiderman. Killer smile he has. Especially when he grins and his eyes crinkle so much you can barely see them. So tweet :)
26th (Besides a crappy boxing day in Canada) was also my mumzeh's birthday. The rest of my fam-jam was planning a surprise party for her ;). My dad would take her the movies (
Doubt..although she wanted to see The Reader is was only playing in selected theatres aka theatres about 45046048 miles away from us) while my sister, my mom's friends and I would set up everything at the house.
Turns out my mom didn't want a surprise party. At
She figured about the surprise party. She wouldn't even come out of the car for the longest time. When she came out, she looks like she wanted to kill us all from the way she was shooting daggers at us. 
Then, at around 4 in the morning, she started balling. Throughout the whole day. Drowning herself in a pool of tears.
It's hard to understand people. Even the closest ones. Will we ever understand the power of people's minds?

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