Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trackbacks (Con't)

Another thing I've discovered. This time with my sibling.
In Canada there are these two famous brands. TNA and Lululemon. TNA stands for Talula National Athletics. Both have these have been founded in the West Coast of Canada (Vancouver). 
Today, every girl you see in Canada wears TNA and/or Lululemon. Mostly, TNA I think.
Personally, LuLu is better since it's actually made in Canada ('cept their jackets apparently :() whereas TNA is manufactured in China :(.
I earned a 50$ gift certificate for a mall during the holidays, as well as I had earned 20 bucks. I went with my sister ( I had no other company free so such XP) to the mall yesterday with our dad. Our dad went off to another store while my sister and I looked around.
It was hard to get little little things that weren't items from MAC or The Body Shop. I tried going to many clothing stores. I seriously thought with American Eagle I could get a couple of things but the things I liked ranged around 50 bucks. >_> In the end, I decided to go to Aritzia to get a TNa hoodie.
I like the store a lot. There was sale going on, (althought the sale of their hoodies weren't the best XP) I got a black hoodie with a purple TNA logo on the front, and my sister got a nice yellow zipped hoodie. We spent all our money. Perosnally, I thought my splurge was worth it.
Although once my mom found out...
Boy she was pissed.
Today, my sister got mad as well and decided to return it (she's a dramaqueen like mom..when mom gets pissed off with something..my sister takes it ten times worse). 
Ugh, whatever. I'm keeping my hoodie. I like it. My sister can go back and return or whatever. It's good quality. It's simple. And it's an all-season thing. 

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