Thursday, January 01, 2009

Thursday January 1, 2009 ...Another One Opens

...when one door closes :)

New Years Day is coming clean, although my ranting was last year...
There's finally a new batch of green tea. The Tetley brand. Though, the ones from T&T (or known as the "Asian Supermarket" >_>) sells the best green tea. Tetley's green tea is alright. I usually keep the tea bag in my mug.
As for my resolutions..
  1. Let's see...I shall be fit. Not lost weight or go on a bloody diet, but actually be fit. I'll definitely have my breakfast, unlike the majority of people I know, and have 3 smaller meals the next two being fruit and granola bars (my parentals don't particularly like the second thing I suggested, since it contains preservatives X_X) and dinner will be what we usually have ('cept no more rice =O) but in slightly smaller portions. Not that I don't want to lose weight. I still want to lost some 10 lbs..maybe more. Me being of smaller variety (5''3 1/2) I should be 105-110 lbs I think.
  2. DON'T PROCRASTINATE. I shouldn't even bother with this one. I probably will commit to this one a lot more in the future >_>. I should make an effort though... especially in exam week!!!
  3. Get a new agenda..since I lost mine <_<.>
  4. Following the third one, don't lose things this time
  5. Finish my book/personal project before December
  6. be more committed..this one's too general
  7. have more responsibilities aka when I lose things... this should definitely apply to the cellphone I just received as a Christmas gift..ugh not like last time..when my razr was stolen..geez I wasn't even in high school yet!!
  8. Reduce my time on the computer...if possible. This weekend is when I have to keep up with House but otherwise only 1 hour for the shows I watch (I'll just record GG on TV...and watch Big Bang on the net :P on Mondays) everyday. 
  9. Keep up with my blog ...hopefully. This is a minor one anyway...I'll probably find time to. 
  10.  Review like a sleep-deprived kid
  11. This is kinda nerdy but start on SAT prep...if I want to apply for a scholarship to Cornell
  12. Reduce the number of text messages....and let people call me godammit. That's the only free thing for me Besides calls and texts between my family members X_x.
That's it so far. O yeah, exercise.. but that pretty much relates to the first one so whatever

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  1. haha, on the topic of being fit, the other day out of boredom i had this major urge to lose weight, so i decided to do some sit-ups, after about 8 or 9, i gave up and ate some ice cream instead, it's sooo much easier!!!

    note to self: get self decipline.

    but yours sound exciting, good luck! =D