Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 23 Till C-Day: Killing A Mockingbird

I've skipped a few days. Laziness is one reason. Occupations. Homework. Events. Parties.
Time for my family's party.
Turns out it's back on again. Only desserts and drinks. Fair enough. That seems to be people's main appeal to holiday dinners. :)
Anywho, I finished the book To Kill A Mockingbird. It's by far one of my all-time favourite books I've ever read. It's so captivating, the characters so awe-inspiring. All the Finches are absolutely brilliant. Even the movie's very good. Skipped a couple very good scenes (out of the others they skipped form the book) that should've been there in my opinion. 
Killing a mockingbird. I like that saying. It's unfortunate how many times we commit it. Luckily, times have changed since then, from Tom Robinson's trial of being falsely accused of rape because he's a "coloured man" to Barack Obama being elected as President of the United States.
All in all, when I finished my book, I reflected about the mockingbirds I might have killed, maybe no so harsh as some others, but I still did a wrong doing to something innocent. 
I guess it's this time of season where we reflect on what we've done. During Christmas time, I assume mainly unfortunate things, but soon there will be a light at the end of a tunnel from all that darkness. An Eclipse.
Another important thing I've learned is to be a better person, like Atticus. 
I simply recommend this book. You'll learn a lot form it. From laws, to courtrooms, to humanity, to morals of life. It's a book where you can reflect upon your life, how you used to react, how you react now, and how you might react in the future. 

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