Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 18: Time & Tide Wait For No Man..

At the computer lab...
you know what that means...
Science researching is just a cover-up for the stuck we're up to. ;P
Two computers down people searching IndiaVogue for this actor >_>
Computer next to me on deviantart. Love that website.
Me...on like three different sites (poketto, this one, hotmail...not including my science) almost done!
Can't wait till tomorrow...twilight! (even though it pisses me off...cept Jacob =])
hahaha i read the poketto issue on Twilight. I totally agree on the most part. Hahaha i should show my friend. She's been against it since Day 1.
Tomorrow might be a snow day in Canada =O. Hopefully nawt! Only because my friends and I planned to go see Twilight XD.
People say it sucks. People say it's good.
Now I shall make a verdict.
(To be Continued..)

Ugh. Nada. Besides gift-giving etc. And Kris Kringle..Secret Santa...whatever.
Haha yesterday (Day 17 lolz) I was listening to this station called The Edge. Hahaha it was early in the morning when I was tuning in, and they were talking about macho men (You talkin' to me?) lmao..and those "ranting blogs". Hahaha the ranting blogs cracked me up so much. I know one guy who does it and it's funny how absolutely hilarious it actually is when you see people praising him and all that.
Kinda rude on my part. But ranting off about people not shoveling their sidewalks (?) and hating snow because you walk to the bus with your converse (?) and saying "Stop watching BT (Breakfast's like GMA for Canadians lolz)". 
Fair enough, Sometimes I rant...well...mostly observing instead of getting pissed by it or expressing it.
All except for this...I never rant. Except on sheets on paper when I'm really down. It's like when I read it later...I can't believe some of the stuff I've written. 
Great. Now I have piano theory...maybe I'll get a candy cane?? :P I'm really craving those XP. That peppermint goodness.
Finally! My computer is working in great condition...although this probably means I'm going to go on msn online...temporarily anyway. I'll try and get ichat fixed in a way that I can add hotmail conacts even if I'm using a gmail account (I think it works. I think my friend Issac has done that..)
Anywho...I can't wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a mystery...the past is history...and today is a gift. I will appreciate this year very much. I graduated elementary...and entered high school. A clean slate...almost. XP

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  1. hey!! haha i did have a deviantart but i deleted all my deviations. so it's not very good, i have a carbonmade though:

    =) oh and "Tomorrow is a mystery...the past is history...and today is a gift" - that reminds me to treasure everyday i guess, because i forget most of the times, sometimes - maybe i do take too much for granted, let's hope not haha =D