Monday, December 01, 2008

Eureka! Day 1 of C-Day: Melancholy Disposition

Today is December The First...


Just 25..24??...Days left til' Christmas. Or in my case,  15 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!

Hopefully some snow days will arise. Malheureusement, I am a freshman in high school. And once you're in high school, snow days are verrh rare. >_> 
Anywho, It's Day un. Day uno. Although it's a typicl day for me. Nothing magical..=/ I should give it some time :].
The only difference to my day was choir. Yus. I've joined a Christmas Choir. Where instead of giving people candy grams. People pay the music council to sing to other people. I am one of those singers. x_X Although I'm kinda giving up my time (approximately 1 hour 30 minutes of it), It's fun. Only 'cause it's Christmas. Everything seems somewhat fun during the Holidays. I've always wonder whether my religion (Christianity) plays a part in this whole spirit what-not?? Maybe. Naybe. 
^ Got that from the movie Annie Hall. Starring Diane Keaton and Woodie Allen. amazing actor..and actress. Boy Diane Keaton was really gorgie back in the 70s. Woody Allen...was just...Woody.
Coming up soon as C-Day comes short:
Music Council:
Choir Grams-->around the 10th to 12th of December je pense
Christmas Concert --> Setting up at least. For community hours. ;)
Children's Christmas Party --> Planning to volunteer (hopefully receive hours for that as well XP) I might be one of the cooking peeps. Or maybe a peep who'll interact with children. Interesting people, in my opinion. :]
Science Pratical Exam!!!! -->RAWR!! It lasts the whole week. The week right before Christmas Break starts!!!
Erm...Nothing more I should think. Probably. terms of school.
English: Dramatizations of Much Ado About Nothing. My fav romantic comedy of Shakespeare, besides Taming of the Shrew. Of course, my group picked Act IV Scene 2 where the guards capture Don John "The bastard"'s (lolz) comrades. I'm Conrade, where i call Dogberry(funniest guy in the play) an "ass" Ahh hilarity the scene is, esp. what Dogberry's monologue afterwards.
Science: Just commenced Biology aka reproduction. Jeez i just learned about it a month ago in Phys. Ed. T__T. We're not ecactly there yet, mind you, just like the microscope functions and parts etc.
French: God knows. Seriously? It sucks. All I know is that I have a unit test next week and it's thankfully postponed from this thursday to next tuesday or wednesday...I think Wednesday. 
Health: Volleyball. >_>. My worst sport. I can't  wait till b-ball approaches. And ROCK CLIMBING!!!

Gar..I should go have my dinner..and practice my piano...and study french verbs XP. Gaaah so much do!  Yet, this month is so bittersweet for my liking.


  1. haha, you sound sooo busy =S

    but busy is good!! hope you kick ass in the choir lol, i was always too scared to join anything like those =( actually i was just no good haha!


  2. haha i used to think i could pull it off by lip syncing but it never worked out...considering that only 10 people came for rehearsal >_>