Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Penny For Thought

The best show. Ever. 
So far, one of my fav sitcoms that I can watch anytime whatever my mood is. 
Check it out. It's amazing. The guys in that show are such good actors. check out Htpp://sidereel.com and check out seasons 1 and 2. Or just tune in on CBS(the info's on the poster).
For those who've watched and currently watching..
SHELDON"S THE BEST! Him and his place to sit. *sigh* I missed the newest episode =[. Boo-hoo. Stupid tests...and quizzes.and assignments!!!!! ergoighodihfodlnsglhn
Up north, it sucks ass trust me. In Canada, or where I live anyway, friggin hail had to come while I was waiting for the bus which came 243059830983609 minutes late! Thankfully, I purchased a vanilla bean latte from Second cup to keep my hands warm (and my craving satisfied).
WELL, photography is commencing soon! I can't wait to use the darkroom sounds like a lot of fun! =D. Speaking of darkroom, the foto club hold a "haunted darkroom" annually which is pretty awsome (and creepy!). We're doing this maze like layout for the darkroom and we're using this idea(from YouTube XP) where people are watching a scene from the video of the Ring where Samara comes out of the well and then we use one of our members to pop out of a cupboard when Samara comes nearer and freak the hell out of people. I'm über scared of the Ring, yet u should check out the vid on YouTube. It's kind of hilarious.
And as for this blog's title...well the whole is is well...that..and it's an inside joke from the show
Bonus: can u guess who said it??=P

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  1. smart has always been sexy. well to me it is haha.

    and i hope you have fun with photography i havent been into a darkroom in years, i should though...

    xx and yes blazers are the easiest thing to wear and they keep you warmer than cardigans but dont overheat you like coats =p