Monday, October 20, 2008

The P Word

Ah yes. That's it. Right there. The P word.
I should've been expecting sometime soon. So many many many many quizzes to re-take
Thankfully, I haven't lost control yet. Or at least I don't think I have..
Don't believe everything you think.
That saying above is a pin I wear on my denim jacket. It's really confuses my friends. And really irks them as well. =P
I don't know, what you think? It's almost philosophical, well, not really...
+SIGH+ I should study for my science unit test, which occurs on Wednesday. >_>
O yeah, I started reading the Gossip Girl series. There's definitely a contrast between Cecil's books and the TV series on CW but in a way I kind of like both of them even if the dilemmas are totally different. x_x
Another book I'm reading is Wicked by Gregory McGuire. For me, it's one of those rare fantasy novels I truly adore. I get a lot of mixed reviews from my friends about this book, mainly on the sexual content. <_<
Aaand I thinkn that's all the books I'm currently reading. I'm utterly glad I've finished the Chrysalids last weekend =D
By the way, anyone gonna check out HSM3? =P
Well,I'm going to watch it this Friday XP. It's stupid really Miley Cyrus and those Jonas Brothers and any other Disney idiot...UGHHHHHHHHHH. Don't you miss those Disney classics? Back in the way when Disney was truly magical??
*Sigh*, maybe it's just an oldie talking (even though a lot of good Disney stuff that I've watched came from the nineties), but there must be other people who find that Disney actors/actresses really cannot act??
I'll admit, I'e watch HSM 1 and 2. The first only because I wanted to see the big deal out of this flick. The 2nd time because I was bore (always a good excuse!) and my sister (who's older than me) wanted to check it out even though we both knew it was gonna suck (although Efron and Hudgens actually kissed this time!). And now I'm going to watch HSM3 because one of my closest friends invited me for that and a sleepover afterwards. Might as well check it out. I hope I don't disrupt the theatre room with my commentating..>_>
WHOA! I've been talking (ranting??) for a while now! I reeaaallly should review my science and french.
peace and lurve and chocolate chip cookies 8) 

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