Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tweedle Dee

Today is the long Thankgiving weekend. For Canadians anyways..
No, that picture isn't me. I wish it was, but i haven't got a hold of a camera since high school.
Ah, high school. I forgot to mention about it really...
For one thing, high school, unfortunatelyy for my case anyway, was far from a blur on D-Day. Every fresh scrubbed face I witnessed across the hallway was recognizable. It irked me in a way. I was a Davis kid. I was someone hated through the eyes of others.
Highschool is definitely like the book Through the Looking Glass. We're slowly opening up to a new world, a surreal world almost, where somethings just seem so unbelievable yet it's staring you in the face, your eyes boring into something icredulous. How can this be? I like to ask myself, yet sometimes I wonder how worse the real world can actually get.
Anywho, that's my take on highschool. It's no big deal. Just boring, boring, then some drama perhaps. Unfortunately, I can't escape such nuisance in my life. It's ludicrous in the end of it all, but, like I mentioned before, highschool's boring and there's nothing else to do there. Even work gets finished in some sort of time span. Or no work gets finished from those talkative teachers who tease you with their mocking smiles, feeding you mouthfuls of work that you're somtimes not capable of digesting.
Anywho, enough about highschool. The fact that i'm IB(Intermational Baccleaureate) program is vexatious enough.
Well, that's just what have to say for now. As for the photo, I've joined the photography club at my school. It's pretty slick since we're doing manual photography, thus, we have the privilege to use the darkroom :].
Gar, it's starting to get nippy noodles out here. I should finish the idiotic novel Chrysalids, a novel study for english.


  1. haha you're a victim of the vicious IB! come to think of it though, i wish i was. it seems more exciting and adventurous, in a really stict way...


  2. haha in a way yes =P the people don't bite (actually they're quite insane)