Sunday, October 05, 2008

V For Vendetta

From the title of this blog, You can easily assume it's either the movie or the comic book series that I may prattling about. Indeed, you're quite right, I am of course talking about the movie, but I also want to reflect on such a theme for this movie. How so much is piled on our plate as we try and arrayed the pieces of the puzzle.
As I quote from the novel
The Five People You Meet in Heaven "There are no random acts. We are all connected in this world." It's unbelievable, yet it all makes sense.
So far I've only watched this movie twice; the second time most recently. I've noticed so many things about this movie that I haven't recalled before when I regarded this movie last year I think? It's presumably the type of film where you notice something new that were oblivious to before every time you watch it. I guess it depends on age as well. I've matured so much over the years to realize how much I understand about politics compared to when I had first watched the film and kept querying about everything.

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