Friday, August 29, 2008

Breaking Dawn

No, I don't mean the book Breaking Dawn but the fact that our glamorous summer nights are coming to a close as awake bright and early for the commencement of school. Thus, breaking dawn.

Sadly, it's just three days 'til *gasp* highschool (and getting poked and prodded at for being a freshman) and I still don't have my back-to-school supplies god dammit idiotic dad complains he has "things to do" and leaves it for a the next day. Yeesh, i hate commitments. Once broken, it affects the committee and the promiser.

Yet, i shant fret all that much. Season premieres of Gossip Girl and Dexter and HEROES starts soon!!! Finally after EONS (literally) but boy did I have quite the busy summer, and still managed to go on the behemoth @ Wonderland! Simply amazing and worth the ├╝ber0long lineup if you ask me..

Anywho, I have a party to get to..and people who are bugging me on msn!!! It's back-to-school, and time to refresh myself for a new start of the year, and a good impression.

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