Saturday, August 02, 2008

August Rush



Well, August the 1st just past but so much has been happening since! I'm sure you Twilight readers know that Breaking Dawn is out now! I thought I could pre-order it but maybe I'll just borrow from a friend while I'm @ Prince Edward Island.

That reminds me...I'm going to PEI TOMORROW!!!!!!! It's going to be such a blast @ the East I can't WAIT! Now all I have to do is finish packing my flip-flops and bikinis ;-)

Unfortunately, I must attend a wedding, not that it isn't a happy moment and all. But today's just not my day. My parents keep saying I always ask for stuff every time we're going shopping when it's me who purchases my own stuff with my money.
Then, my sister A makes it worse by taking my mascara claiming it's hers that MOMMY gave her. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A always gets what she wants without paying a single dime. While I, on the other hand, must bust her fucking ass to get what she wants.
Oh yeah, and another thing..

I was browsing through my friend J's facebook pics, when I just casually mentioned how her and her sister S always share clothes. My sister says "Oh yeah that's normal. But we're both different sizes..."
I could've said worse things..but it doesn't even matter because I didn't say any of these things.
*SIGH* Great, my pink hoop earring that I was going to wear with my dress for the wedding BROKE. Note to self: never get earrings from ardène. At least not the hoop ones anyway.

Well, here's my to-do list so far:
  • Finish packing
  • Earn allowance from parents
  • Find another pair of earrings
  • Get Covergirl mascara...or maybe MAC..
Well, I'm done my ranting, and I should go prep up for today..and tomorrow.


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