Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yesterday, on Wednesday, June 25th, 2008, was my grade eight graduation. I was the class of 2008.
It was nice seeing everyone at their best, looking exceptionally professional and outstandingly beautiful. I thank you for all the comments I received about my outfit and the way I presented myself to grad.
It felt weirdly nice to have Simon repeatedly saying "You look amazing" and Nafisa gawking at me and saying how absolutely gorgeous I looked.
During the ceremony, i almost felt as if Josh kept looking at me from time to time as the guest speakers were giving out their speeches and words of wisdom. I felt so estatic, that I think i almost reached the point of nirvana.

The dance was great, until, that is, the slow dances appeared. I realized, then and there, that boys didn't really like me in such a way that they wanted to slow dance with me. In fact, I've asked guys, not guys asking me. The only who's liked me is this fugly ass-wipe a.k.a Vishal, but like I said, he's fugly, and constantly kept calling me "white wash".

I wish, i really wish, someone could ask me to dance with them. My sister says to grab one of my guy friends to dance, but, none of them aren't the type to do that. Not Simon. Not Leslie. Not Navi. Not no one.

Yet, soon, I was disappearing to illudere, where Sean was there, dancing with me. I felt so ecstatic, that soon, i almost didn't give a damn. As long he was there, so real to my eyes, to my heart, nothing mattered.

During the end, when the DJ played the Vitamin C song, it was kinda funny actually, Anum was about to hold Simon's hand, but Simon freaked in his own Simonish ways, yet when I held my hand out, he took it! Queer.
God, I had so much fun! Anum, Ferlisha, Taryn, Jahna, and Simon at random parts, were great dancing peeps. I will always remember Davis as me, from a girl who's been to small Catholic schools for the majority of my childhood, to entering a school where you're the small fish in a big pond. This school was simply amazing, and had the most amazing people I have ever met in my entire life. I have no officially a graduate from my elementary years, and soon, I shall be entering high school, a whole new world and beyond.

And now, I'm so looking forward to SUMMER '08!

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