Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Day 2: Omen

So when will this end
It goes on and on
Over and over and over again
Keep spinning around I know it won't stop
Till I step down form this for good
I'd never though I'd end up here 
Never though I'd be standing where I am
I guess I kinda thought it would be easier than this
I guess I was wrong now one more time
The Sick Cycle Carousel

That flu commerical..
It was a sign....
Should I have taken the shot??
Still bothers me..

December the 2nd...I kept waking up dazed and irked from my dreamish nightmare. You know: you're not so sure whether it's a dream or not.
Anywho...I woke up at 7:30 am. I knew my ride was coming in ten minutes so I tried getting ready. As i pulled on my jeans, I felt so feeble as i struggled for that ten minutes getting ready.
Something is up..
I still went to school. I don't know why. I guess it's an unfortunate IB thing. No matter how sick you are, you are still willing to come to school no matter what. My friend had the flu as well, yet left her house without her parent's permission just to attend school.
Unbelievable huh??
Well, I slept during the whole car ride to school. I didn't want to wake up. Maybe I didn't have enough sleep..but even so, I wouldn't feel my body ache this much..
I sauntered to English and immediately dropped dead on my desk. I could hear susurrations as my mind try to tune out of my surroundings. Zoë kept poking me, yet I finally gave up and looked over. She looked just as bad as me. Maybe worse. She was absent yesterday from what I recall, and I could see why. Her eyes were blotted with red streaks stretching over pale marbles. She looked paler than usual, unlike her alabaster brow. 
"Wanna skip french?" She inquired. Good idea. We'd skip the french quiz. 
"Uh, sure. Are we gonna bus?"
She nodded, beaming. Only Zoë could beam, even during groggy days such as these. 
My eyes widened. "Oh no! I used up all my tickets."
"I lend you one of mine." She was about to reach over to her bag.
"Erm, not now." I hesitated. "Maybe 3rd period french?"

I don't remember what happened during the rest of homeroom besides trying sleep, though my back kept aching whenever I tried. 
Nevertheless, It was my body before my own head, and I knew that I had to go home. Right now.
By the time my mom arrived (around eleven am) I ambled straight to bed. Letting all my worries drain from my body, and letting me rest in deep sombre.
Nothing much happened, besides watching a bit of Disturbia on TV, and munching on some bland Asian mush with bits of chicken. I think it's called congi. 
Trackback: I've finished this blog today, because I was too fatigued to complete it yesterday. Besides, when you too, have an older sibling in IB, they're pretty much in charge of my computer -___-  

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