Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Day 3 Till C-Day: Second Chances

So much work I've missed out on...
This. Sucks.
First, I'm  having this retarded conversation on msn with this bimbo, Yuchi. UGH. He thinks just because I'm sick I'l fail this presentation based on a story I haven't received. If I haven't received it. Too bad. It isn't my fault I've obtained a high fever. And Tomorrow's a half-day so I won't have French. Arapi should understand. I mean, it's only grade nine...right?
Okay, admittedly, I know some teachers, like my science teacher, won't be quite as nice, although she automatically sent me home once she saw me about it pass out. So, maybe there are second chances. That second chance guy. Standing in the corner. Hard to notice. Because we don't believe in it.
Maybe I should take it. Maybe I might risk a lot of stuff, but in the end, I took that chance. Maybe I'll gain something at the end of all and not realize it. And who knows? Luck may take my side by the end of all, and my wishes would be granted.
But as they say : Tomorrow's a mystery. And I shall soon find out as the strings unravel.  

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