Thursday, December 04, 2008

Day 4 Til C-Day: Lucky Me :)

The Second Chance guy was clad in a parka and a cable knit scarf. Standing along the sidelines, pointing to sign of opportunity. I resisted. Whether a good thing or something I'd regret in time, I'm glad. For today was pretty decent. Heck, even the Phys-Ed. test on volley-ball went pretty well, in my standards anyway..>_>
Luckily, English was a breeze. Nikita, of course, was memorizing her lines the best way as possible, whereas the rest of the group was playing 007. I tried to, although the only line I can seem to remember is: "You are an ass! You are an ass!"

Today was a half day for meh. I stayed home, being the nit-wit I am, and did nada. Some of my friends went to Subway, typical hangout I wouldn't mind joining, though laziness (and maybe even the Second chance guy??) got the best of me, though how the Second Chance Guy is connected to this is beyond me, but I assume that The Second Chance Guy always appears in any type of situation. Whether big, or small. Dressed for the whether, waiting for you for step down and listen more closely. 
Jeez. I'm reading too much of The Queen of Everything. Or maybe I'm just going all...I dunno. I blame December. And the book. And my sister, who recommended that book. Which reminds me, she's coming back in half an hour from Semi-Formal. As queer as this sounds that she wore an "african-tribal" pattern-like bubble dress, she really pulled it off. O_O
Well, I should get sleep. And shouldn't eat sweets until Christmas breaks. Only candy canes I'll hopefully receive from teachers?? Ugh, high school can't be that bad.   

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