Friday, December 05, 2008

Day 5 of C-Day: Inebriated Froggnoscity

The picture says it all. That's how my was--is--so far.
You can say that it's unexpected like a frog in a glass in one. Eerie, treacherous, even amusing to say the least.
Oddly enough, I was thinking about French and this party my parents are hosting, thus came this picture of Inebriated Froggnoscity.
Yeesh, French was overwhelming. Luckily (encore), the risk I took during my days of rest payed off, for a couple other people were absent during this assignment I missed as well. So, I am currently in their group, mainly doing reading comprehensions etc., and probably a dramatization on Wednesday. It's this story about this elementary school class has a supply teacher for the day...and's predictable. Some random homourous parts, where one guy wants to eat this other's guy arithmitic textbook and glasses...ANEewho
Nothing much happened. English was fun though. We actually started acting out the two scenes. And fooling around for those who didn't have a lengthy monologue to blurt, which was mostly me and this other guy Darren. :P My other friend begged me to switch him with Darr because his group kept gossiping about him in sign language. >_> I told him I'd observe, but it's best to confront them. Nevertheless, if they take it immaturely, then talk to me. Was this advice good? To confront about such a dilemma? I'm not so sure anymore...
French, oddly enough, is like a glass of wine. You feel relaxed, and a little sluggish during that period. Yet, that frog appeared right in front of my eyes. My fate. So unexpected.

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