Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The best things in life aren't always free it seems.

BlogTO recently featured event in their free events this week page a local salon called Amope who is giving free pedicures to anyone (with clean-ish hygenic feet) at Dundas Square in order to try to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for most pedicures done in a day (their goal is 1000 pedis).

I had some time to kill thankfully (Wednesday's usually a free day for me) and stood in line. Just before I got there there was a downpour, yet these guys seemed pretty well covered. Even waiting in line wasn't too bad as there was enough coverage to wait without getting drenched.
The line moved relatively quickly, though it was a long one. In the end I waited almost an hour and a half before I finally had my pedicure.
And this is when I bring up my issue of doing "speedy pedicures".
 Before picture. My toes aren't the greatest..

...But they just made them so much worse.

The job was speedy and there are risks in doing so, but dear gahd the woman (because I definitely not calling her an esthetician) was the absolute worst! The filing job was very badly done, but I let that slide (just a tiny bit) since they're trying to do a 1000 by 8 pm (for the record, it was around 1:15 pm when she was doing my nails). Then came the nail polish and holy $%#%cakes it was done so very, very, terribly. She kept rushing the job, making my nails smudge in the process. She kept re-touching it a few times and I was getting more pissed than ever for waiting for this to get a shitty experience. The worst came when I got off the lawn chair (which is extremely hard in doing so giving the lack of space) and some of my nails were ruined. 
I usually never get pedicures since I'm not made of any kind of money, but now I really have to go to one to redo this person's horrendous work.
I should have gone back to say and belted "RE-DO. IMMEDIATELY!" but it was a mixture of myself being so done with them and my passive-ness to let it go and go back home. 

If you want to risk having a terrible pedicure still, drop my Dundas Square for a free pedicure. The event is still going on until 8 pm today. 
My only advice is when you enter the tent area, go line up on the right side. I made a terrible mistake lining up on the other side clearly..

Couple things/"Pros":

  1. Sarah Grafferty was there. Being part of Suits and all and being that Suits films in Toronto every summer (besides Suicide Squad of course..)
  2. Their pedicure machine thingy was pretty good. In fact, it was the best part of my whole pedicure "experience"
[end prissy rant]


  1. omg that sucks that they did a shitty job :(
    but yay to sarah grafferty! i love suits!

    1. Same! Suits is a great show :)

      & Thanks for checking out my blog :3

  2. Awh no I'm sorry it wasn't as good as you expected! At least you found the silver lining though!

    Angelina Is