Friday, June 05, 2015

ALL THE FREE! Krispe Kreme's Free Doughnut Day is Here! TODAY Only!

Krispe Kreme's annual Free Doughnut day is back!
Just head on over to any open Krispe Kreme and grab order any doughnut for free.
The only location I know of is on McCaul (& right by by school! Convenient!) The only other location is by my parent's house in Mississauga (GTA-wise).
So grab one & go (or chill there)! There was a line, though it moved pretty quickly.

I opted for the glazed kreme-filled doughnut. Too much for me since considering this was my first meal of the day. I suggest going for the original glazed as (in my opinion) it's their best doughnut.

Be sure to go get one while it's still open!

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