Wednesday, May 27, 2015

[Lack of] Famous Last Words

With Parks And Recreation, a show I loved but a finale I didn’t, I got to thinking about last lines in pop culture. What last lines have disappointed you in film, TV, and books?
 - AV Club

Now that it's 2 AM in the morning, I've cleaned the apartment, avoiding my intern "homework" (as well as the clothes on my bed...) and alas, I've done gone and sucked myself into the blogosphere. Temptation got the better of me to share and [sort of] review AV Club's article: What underwhelming last lines have left you cold?

The first on the list was [obviously] Gilmore Girls, and honestly the one I feel most strongly about. I remember way back in 2007 (dear god that's consider "way back" now; kill me now..) when my sister and a family friend of ours discussed how underwhelming the series finale of the show was. I was happy not to have finished the show at the time due to its awesomeness (and before the whole streaming/bingeing, I watched it on syndication).
However, after seeing the thumbnail of the show appear on Netflix, my sister and I had to (had to) re-watch the entire series. That time I finished it (took 9 months to watch it together but we did it). As mentioned in the article, when the creator left, the series went downhill as well. A show especially known for its dialogue fell flat with their final words. 

[I also believe mizz Gellar should have spoken the last words]

The other movies and shows mentioned are ones I don't feel as strongly about, or make me laugh because I can't recall it for the life of me (remember An Education?) or ones I haven't seen it (West Wing).

It's goddamn summertime and all I can think about are shows I need to catch up on or have to start on.

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