Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How Bizzare

How bizarre.
Anyone remember that song?

I turned 21 last weekend and was reminded of how long I've had this blog (since 2008). I thought I'd share some photos of myself chilling by Cabbagetown. Nothing says great weekend like gallivanting the streets of Toronto on a sunny day.

I mainly shot video footage for my first and upcoming blog. On to actual editing @_@

Nothing like Taco Bae on your bae day (don't judge me).

The vlog I will one day post is in regards to "birthday deals" Torontonians (Torontonites? Torontonauts? Or anyone visiting) can get food-wise. I didn't do much regarding that regrettably. However, I thought I got some great footage and busted some myths (well, claims more like) on some supposed birthday deals you could get (looking at you Taco Bell).

Besides living relatively close-by to Cabbagetown, I knew Jet Fuel serves any size beverage to people on their birth date, so I thought, why not, while I still had some time to kill.
That being said, they serve the cheapest (and honestly one of the best) lattes around (in Toronto anyways); 3 dollars for a small and 4 for a large. You can pretty much guess which one I opted for.
I've heard they make a mean lemonade too, although I've never tried it yet.

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