Friday, December 20, 2013

Rants & Raves v12.0 (and counting)

As I wrote the title I immediately recalled the amount of posts I have probably made that involved ranting and raving and realized how many different versions have existed since I formed this blog at the start of the teenage years (ogahd).

Usually I would file this under "tumblr" but this time it pertains to work ethic, working with people (well not really in this case) and most of all people's goddamn perception of you in the work force (or university force? Both I guess).

As much as this should not irk me, it really does. People's perceptions, whether it is based on whatever past life experiences they've had, blindly ignorant of the entire universe and its surroundings or is completely insecure about themselves have the galls to bring it upon themselves to automatically determine the incompetence of a person especially ESPECIALLY if you have never even worked with this person in any particular project.

Even when working on a project (in fact I kind of wish a course was more involved in collaboration this year as apparently isn't enough for some people) is trying gain perspectives of all sides of the situations and work things out before hand before dividing and conquering to no avail. This has not occurred many times but when it has I feel the ending result is no one being very satisfied.
To be fair, I could speak up more, but when it comes to myself and groups, everything feels lost in translation or there are very few times any sort of compromise occurs.
Or in this case, I'm the wheeler side-eyeing Ash. 
Now, forget about group projects for a second and let's focus on that person. This person who as I have mentioned before has never worked in a group project but already dismisses or chooses to ignore your skill sets and believes--yeah without even working with you on a project--that you do jack shit in the past projects you have worked on.
Really? really. I pity the fool, I pity! 
When trick asses like this show up, and when you actually know that sooner or later you are enevitably going to work with them, it's just best to focus on your goals and basically prove them the fuck wrong.

All I can say, and end off this post, is this:

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