Tuesday, December 17, 2013

After all this time?

It's crazy.
To think it all started with a girl on my bus.
A girl whom I still follow on Twitter these days anyway.
Mentioned Teen Vogue, and how she was going to their Fashion U conference.
Back then, the minimum age was 13.
Back then, things seemed a lot different.
The conference sounded interesting and I've always wanted to attend..and still do (where's the money though hahaha).
However, this led me to purchasing an issue of Teen Vogue (unfortunate that it had Taylor fucking Momsen on the cover...fortunate enough to lead me to Aimée Han and her blog).
Thereon, I got sucked in the blogging community, particularly the fashion blogs and bloggers.
I still recall from the blog, cavaan (more specifically an ezine), I discovered Tavi Gevinson and prior to that Tommy Ton and Sea of Shoes (I fucking hate her though...sorry). The Sartorialist, Susie Bubble..the list is endless.
Though upon realization that blogging my way to fame is useless, and the industry itself is not only competitive (which industry isn't nowadays?) but wasn't something I was outrageously talented in.
However, it is still my hobby.
Though not exactly skinny enough, or even have the money to purchase a Birkin, let alone a Hermès scarf, I'm still stuck on style.

It's kind of funny how this has also transformed into a gaming blog of sorts. I describe my process here anyways. It would be nice to submit some portfolio work here too, but I may just stick to beauty/OOTDs/Hauls/Food and actually try to keep my deviantart as active and alive as possible.

And to answer the question: Always, always.

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