Monday, May 13, 2013

Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

My life thus far since my exams have been over and done with consist of galavanting downtown (sometimes), finding work (which I have finally found), watching 30 Rock and That 70s Show marathons, and a minor tid-bit of reading/writing.

However, some comments (by some I mean one...meep) asked about my result in attempting the nails from my favourites of the month post. To warn  tell you the truth, I am horrible with nails. It was fine while my nails were pink and added te teal line (using tape to make it straight). However, the red part was obviously the trickiest part and being an idiot, I decided a Q-Tip would suffice to make the round dot...thingys.

Apologies for the horrendous quality. The iPod Touch camera is infinitely worse than an iPhone (moral of the story: just get out your Canon even if it's only 6-7 megapixels...yeah I don't have many cameras)

 I also did a shopping trip at Forever 21. I wasn't really in the mood to shop,  however it was my mother's treat (upcoming me this isn't a typical thing for her to do) However, I came across these pieces that I liked very much. I actually tried these in the dressing room as it wasn't that busy today!
My mom loved this as she spotted this first. I don't have a top like this and I found it to be pretty versatile for the summer.

(apologies for not rotating this). Also sorry for the terrible exposure, but this dress was tucked away in one of the corners of the store and picked it out because this isn't the usual thing I go for. However, I loved how it looked on me (and I like Daisies .... ho ho!) Daisy Print Dress

I saw the girl in front of me at the checkout counter with these, and I literally rushed to get a pair. These are apparently harem pants (?) but they don't ressemble any sort of Hammerpants (that I'm familiar with anyway..)

As much as I'd love to post photos of myself wearing this (one day I might...if I ever purchase a tripod...or find some stable ground in my backyard) I'll post them soon.

On other news, I discovered a Korean Brand LUCKY CHOUETTE 
If you're an owl fan like myself, I'm sure you'll be obsessed with their line just like I am (eagerly waiting to start my job so I can get this Bebe top.

Galaga Chouette what-what.

The majority of this discovery comes from Style Bubble, but here's their LookBook video.

Hoot Hoot motherfucker.


  1. Gorgeous nails! They're so creative and nothing I've seen before!
    Fashion Ganache.

    1. Thank you! The photo was from Teen Vogue's Facebook page and the design really intrigued me to try it out.

  2. Once i tried painting watermelon slices on my nails... yeah it just looked like i dug my hands into a watermelon. And from far away some people thought my finger tips were bleeding.

    1. I loved the way you describe the result of that! I noticed when I removed the nail polish it really did look like my cuticles were bleeding :/. Next time, I'll stick to 1 simple nail colour.

  3. the dress looks adorable! love the print
    your nails actually look great!

    1. Thank you! I usually don't buy dresses but this one stood out for me :)