Sunday, February 14, 2010


Fashion Week.

So many events in just a few days.

Valentine's today. Most blah one ever.
I recall purchasing Valentine cards to handing them out to people. The holiday had a true meaning to it.

Now... HA.
Though my parents didn't do any lovey-dovey nonsense either. Nonetheless, my friendlies who were in relationshipville were. ;]

And no, not Tiger Woods for Pete's sake. I meant the actual animal...aka Chinese New Year! I kept singing Eye of the Tiger thinking the title of the song was Year of the Tiger.
So, kun hei fat choi les personnes Chinoises.

Gold. Well, in Olympic {¡Canuck!} terms I mean the gold won today from Men's Luge!!!!! Congrats! I'm especially happy mainly because he beat the Aussie douchebag [no offense, but he is really is a douche..and yes the Canadian media propaganda convinced me, though their facts on him were convincing enough to make him seem roioiruwier.]

Ah, Fashion week. New York, London, Milan, and Paris. I haven't kept as much of a keen eye as I would, though I definitely will be watching Rodarte's show on the tv network online on Tuesday I presume [?].

Well, there's my 5 kg of math work to catch up english essay due this week...and french...and semi-careers nonsense..
Thank God for a holiday. An extra day to procrastinate an extra day longer.


  1. hey girl, sorry i've been mia - exams and vacays have been consuming my life for a little while. also, thanks for taking the time to enter my giveaway :) such an exciting week isnt it? so much to partake it, so little time;)

    xx lue

  2. lots of study? sometimes i have dreams im in school again,,, ;O