Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things will be great when you're downtown.

Dainty Floral Dress

Beautiful blue floral pattern decorate this deep v neckline dress with a bowtie below bustline and two tiers of ruffles at the bottom, 100% cotton

No picture available?
Damn you all.
I should invest in a camera. I think mumzeh took it on her trip-oley to bollywood a go-go land.
Or use my webcam? Erlack.

Went to Eatons.
accompanied by a friend. Third year in UoT.
Felt lost.
Really lost.
and Talked.
Found the dress.
Same one I found @ my local mall.
Last one on sale. woot.
Extra Large?
My firnedly told me to try it on anywho. I did. Losey. But it will shrink in the wash. It is bluenotes anywho.
Bought it. Now on to a camisole.
Barely any store had a decent one. My mind took a stroll to California '06. Forever 21. What mall? No clue. Not the Beverly Hills one fo' sure.
One whole rack was just compiled for black camilsoles. 5-10 bucks I think.
After quite some time though, we did find on at Jacob.
Friendly told me about Anthropologie and the skirt and belt she got. RAWr. All the damn urban outfitters and anthropoligical findlings are in downtown.
damn you Jesus of Suburbia.
Though the strolls through the conservations are make it worthwhile. ;)

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