Thursday, July 16, 2009

God can be so hilarious

Ha ha. :)
What beach?
What movie?
Okay, one movie. ;)
Shopping? Not really >_>
Ha. Ha.
The only thing that's progressed was my music. And my math..
Not even my story for my personal project.
Bejesus T_____T

I Miss Them..


  1. yeah there was a mssive forever 21 in san fran! haha, oh you live in toronto!? i went to toronto, where did i visit? oh yeah i went to wonderland!!! - or what land was it.. canada's wonderland i think hahaha. the rides were way to big, way to high!!!

  2. Tee-hee :) yes Toronto ;P and F21 is awsome! I wish there were more stores here :(
    Wonderland eh? ;P And YUS Behemoth is humungo! :O Did u sit in the front row of the roller coaster for that ride? XD