Friday, July 10, 2009

Do not mention any type of day of me.

New Moon.

A better, casual, still supernaturnal.
A TV show.
That takes the cake.

First season.
I was peeved since I found it to be so much like Twilight.
Turns out, the series before that was before Ms. Meyer.
Not bad.
I like how some of the legends still follow. And also how they don't stay in quaint places like the Pacific Northwest. But rather contradict itself to the South.
The cast is good. 90% of them fake the southern accent and it's pretty obvious, especially with the vampire Bill Compton [Stephen Moyer..Brit Brit guy], though the main protagonist Sookie Stackhouse [Anna Paquin..from Maple Syrup a go-go land] is really good.
Plot. Good. Though second season i find it to be a tad Heroesish.
As weird as this sounds, this show by far, has the best opening credits.
My favourite used to be Dexter. But this is far better.
After watching a whole damn marathon online. I must wait till' Sunday.
There's always BrĂ¼no :)

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