Monday, July 06, 2009

About Time

It's summer.
I know.
Je sais.
I have not been on.
For a while.
Two raisons.

1. School/Exams
2. Blogger wouldn't let me log on for the longest time
3. My internet went down RAWr.

Well. It's summer. But there is work.

First, an interview to volunteer at the library. Volunteering for Chete's sake. Why can't people accept that it's someone giving you an extra hand at no cost? >_> Then again, many people it makes sense.

Math tutoring. Of course. Next year I'm chained to two chains. One grade 10, the other gr. 11 to the system of IB. MYP still. Though I'll dread it, what the hell. I want to go international. Kinda :P

Nothing interesting popped in mind. Besides the days going by. My sister in an exchange program; my mother across the seas. July is relaxing, tiring, pleasing. That's all I have to say now :).

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