Monday, April 13, 2009

April Showers

Eons and Eons have passed. 
Easter weekend is almost complete.
Time is spinning me in circles.
I'm getting a bit too dizzy.
Working on my history essay…then reviewing Geography. Then off to the mall. A craving for Arby's beef & cheddar, as well as Converse and most definitely a belt. 

My so-called "Lurvey-Durvey Life" has taking quite the turn. We tried keeping quiet about it, yet it turned out all the more obvious instead. My parentals are suspicious. My sister is upset for denying it when my they probe her. Finally, my two friends confront him saying "Ask her out already!" We said we were…sorta. 
They wanted us to officially go out though. It was nice to let go of the secrecy thing. It's bad that everyone's being a bother. 
I guess the main thing is not taking it seriously. Funny thing though, his mom knows about us. And he took some extra money from his wallet to buy me a ticket for Arts Banquet. His mom found out by checking his wallet :O. She told him that I better pay him back. 
Sheesh. :P
Anywho, accompanying my green tea and coughing, is my blogging. My masterfile of thoughts. 

I better finish my ISU. >_>

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