Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We Will Extend a Hand if You Are Willing To Unclench Your Fist

Watched the inauguration. First on my cellphone (has a radio built-in) The watched it live on my french teacher's laptop...then back on my cellphone >_>.
A very moving speech by Barack Obama. I gotta say, his oath cracked me up a bit. Not that I don't blame him, it would be just as nerve-wrecking for me. Haha, even Michelle was giving him a stare lolz. BTW, anyone liked what she wore?? I thought the colour suited well on her, but I didn't get a good glimpse of the whole outfit so I can't be so sure.
Can u believe that more than 1.5 million people arrived for this event?? I would love to be that cop I saw on TV just a few metres behind Obama to protect him. 
And yes, no assassination. I wouldn't think so. At least this time I wouldn't think so. 
Bush finally leaves! I sware that made everyone's day today. Yes, even I, who is Canadian. Which by the way, a lot of Canadians were at Washington for this specific event. I would be too, except that this unfortunately is exam week T_____T.
Anywho, I shall study...watch some shows online...inauguration of course...facebook....n all that jazz.


  1. i was sleeping, apparently he said something in the wrong order? but God love him.

    and in repsonse to your comment, that's pretty much me! and yeah we call them stockings. "panty hose" - never used that phrase ever, but it makes me giggle haha

  2. oh and good luck for exams =]

  3. ARGGHH !
    i loved the inauguration !

    and ARGGHHH ! its your exam week too ? GOOD LUCK ! i have three more to go ):
    just finisehd one today.

    hoep they go well !
    (and i sort of tried your experiment thingy with the two hours, except i dont think i can study for two WHOLE HOURS ! its more like, 30 minutes of study and two hours of FUNN as in youtube)