Monday, January 19, 2009



want a job.
Yeah I should study for exams. But ugh want one soo baaaad!
Tried Kiigi...hope that works. 
Hope something works.
I even tried Craigslist. Not that great. I think I found something but the people were too far >_>
It's probably economy that's affecting my lack of finding a job, but even before the notification of bailouts and what-not, I tried posted posted around my neighborhood. Nada! You'd think with so many kids around my block, I'd have a chance! 
I can try again...This week..end.
Yaaay tomorrow's inauguration!  I might even skip school tomorrow. I hope I can! I know fo' sure I can skip half the day; bus home or something.
*SIGH* Tried Aritzia for a job. Realized I need to create my resumé....maybe if I just have the style they are looking for, instead of wearing TNA would work?? I only have one hoodie that's TNA >_>.
Ugh. I mom's friend's son is here again. Not that he's BAD <_<....just>stink." I mean, would you actually think that would solve the problem?! If you had a roommate that does smell, you shouldn't just say that. Why? Because you'll end up coming to your mom's friend's house everyday after classes after whining to your dean. 
Cruel? Yes. Ludicrous?  


  1. yeah it's hard finding a job, funny at this time i'm trying to quit my job! (but deep down i don't really want to now because i'll be out of cash lol)

    well, retail would be the way to go because you can get money and discounted clothes... *hehe*

  2. true true!

    Although they are pretty anal when it comes to your age XPP. I'm ..almost 15 and for 14-15 year olds it's kinda hard to get something at retail unless you have connections >_>

  3. i thought all the 14/15 year olds were in retail! but when i was 14/15, i did a bit of volunteering first just to get experience. i.e office work and running workshops for amnesty international, doing a radio show at some youth radio station (i did it for two years volunteer and now i get paid! yay!)

    so yeah. maybe start somewhere with no many, but that was a couple of years ago... in today's economical state - we all need jobs that actually pay us! XD