Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Anyone else watches every TV episode online??
Usually it's all the shows that air on mondays is when I watch it online instead ('cept Heroes). I love watching them on MegaVideo (best quality is on Divx but those are rare) and now MegaVideo only gives you a certain amount of time (I think it's 72 minutes) for watching videos. And then they tell you to wait for an hour. It sucks ass especially if you're watching something and you get toa really interesting part...or worst yet a movie, since once you watch your video again...it restarts T_____T

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  1. mm, i always watch movies and episodes online, i'm currently catching 90210 on youtube. its much faster than tv, and much much more convenient (:

    and to answer to your last comment for me, mm. yes, i'm pretty sure its for all religions. but christianity is the only one i believe, so i only relate it to that. and well, a lot of religions talk abotu sin, so ...