Thursday, January 08, 2009


Deuce. What a week it's been!
And it's going to get even harder >_>.
My subjects are english, science, french, and gym. English and gym are pretty easy, just some minor reviewing. But science and english??
I'm screwed.
But next semester?? Now that's going to suck. Math, History, Geography, and Photography. Luckily, there's 1 good subject during 2nd semester. But History?? Bleh X_x. There's ISUs (Independant Study Unit) for history and geo, plus I have the worst history teacher, and a weird (and rude) geo teacher. My math teacher's supposedly really nice. Thing is, math is not my forte.
Next week, There are final evaluations aka tests, projects, etc. Just received my gym assignment due next week!
Furthermore, I got a review sheet for French. Forgotten half the stuff on it <_<.
Did my science presentation. Kinda messed up... but I think my friend saved it big time. Started the English summative. I seriously regret choosing a difficult topic sentence for my comparative paragraph...
The last beep test. I've improved on all my tests luckily. I did my deed well for Phys-Ed. :P
Thursday..I have nothing! 'll waste it a little. Doing this lolz...and finishing up House (which is starting soon!) until my sister gets here -_-
Sometimes..i wonder why high school doesn't make their exams before Christmas break.

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