Thursday, January 08, 2009

Alabaster Brow

Amazing photography using dolls. Great expressions with the photos. Almost seem like real people.
Update: the guy on the left is freakeh. Ignorez-vous


  1. Photography with dolls almost always really creeps me out. I like this, though.

  2. you know what this reminds me of.... bratz dolls. haha, oh but in reply to your comment, i'm not a huge fan of appetizers, they are so tiny-ly portioned and just make you want to eat more! which is good but... too expensive =(

  3. dolls creep me out, my mom used to make porcelain dolls and enter them in shows, so now our living room is full of them, I can't bare to sleep on the couch in there because I have nightmares.
    aahhaha, but I've been seeing a lot of stuff with dolls lately, and I think I am starting to like it.

  4. haha porcelain dolls were a childhood nightmare of mine >.< I saw this on and liked how the person dresses 'em up (some of the dolls have amazing hair =O)